We Rent Photo Booths!


Can you imagine the fun of dragging your friends into a genuine photo booth and taking pictures that will last a lifetime?


Today’s photo booths have come a long way from the cramped little structures that you might be able to squeeze two people into – now they’re perfect for weddings, parties, corporate events, charity events, or just about anywhere that people gather.


At Silly Snaps, we rent photo booths that can accommodate as many as ten people – the more the merrier! And if you equate photo booths with little strips of black and white shots, you’ll be pleased and impressed with the high-quality digital color output.


Of course you’re not going to forego the traditional wedding photographer or videographer, but think of the hilarious shots you’ll have to add to your wedding album when your reception guests discover the photo booth! Or perhaps you’re holding a business conference – think of the candid photos for your newsletter or staff bulletin board. Use a photo booth for fun and fund-raising at your charity event. The possibilities are essentially limitless, so use your imagination!


To rent a photo booth for your upcoming event, contact us at Silly Snaps today. We’ll be happy to help you get the fun started!

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